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Sun City West Weavers studio is fully equipped with looms and accessories for members to enjoy weaving without owning their own loom.

To join Sun City West Weavers, a new member is required to take Weaving I.

Weaving I is an introductory class where participants will learn the basics of weaving using a small, portable, yet highly versatile rigid heddle loom. After completing Weaving I, the participant can enroll in the next level. This class is currently being offered in a virtual limited contact format.

Weaving II is designed for weavers who have learned the basics and want to progress weaving on a table top loom. In this class the participant will learn warping and dressing the loom from “front to back”, reading patterns and calculating fiber requirements. After mastering the table top loom, participants can progress to a variety of specialized weaving classes.

Weaving III is designed to introduce intermediate weavers to weaving on a floor loom and includes loom tie ups, troubleshooting, warping from back to front, loom care and maintenance and how to alter patterns to create the weaver’s own designs.

Triangle Loom Weaving– no previous requirements are necessary. One can learn anytime weaving on a triangle loom. Weaving on a triangle loom is fun, creative, easy and quick as there is no dressing a loom. A participant can start right away weaving making scarfs, shawls, and many other projects.

Inkle Loom Weaving

Bee in the Know seminars are offered monthly to all members. Members can learn about fiber, different techniques, equipment, and many more things related to weaving.  

Study Groups offer members an opportunity to study a topic together with a co-ordinator who organizes the scope of the study.

Workshops are taught by our members and/or visiting professional weavers. Information is posted in the studio so watch for flyers.


Sign up for any classes is in the red book at the club. Classes fill up quickly, so sign up soon! If the class is full, place your name on the waiting list.



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Rigid Heddle Loom Demo

Inkle Loom Demo

Table Loom Demo

Floor Loom Demo

Spinning Wool

Dyeing Fiber with Koolaid